很多人多說 tripsta 是雷,但我和 tripsta 交手好幾次的經驗卻是愉快的。


先前在 tripsta 買了一張新幾內亞航空(Air Niugini)國內線POM-GKA-POM的機票,後來又發現另一家巴紐航空便宜兩千、且時段更佳,於是我就姑且一試,看看能不能退票。

剛好原本買的新幾內亞航空去回程起飛時間都有小小異動,於是我就用這當理由向 tripsta 反映:

My boooking(訂單編號)POM-GKA-POM flight time have been changed both outbound and inbound. This may cause my disconnection of international flight. So may I cancel this booking and get full refund?

其實不期不待,沒想到過了幾天 tripsta 回覆了:

Thank you for contacting the tripsta Passenger Service Center.

We would like to inform you that we have already forwarded your request to Air Niugini in order for us to check if full refund is authorized.

As soon as we receive their reply, we will contact you to inform you accordingly.

然後今天下午14:21, tripsta 來了一個好消息:

Dear Mr. Wu,

We would like to inform you that we have checked with the airline in regards to your refund request and full refund has been authorized.

If you wish to proceed with the cancellation of the entire booking, please let us know within the next 24 hours, in order to process your request in time.


Surely I want to cancel this booking and get full refund.
Here’s my booking detail:

credit card number used to be paid:4563 1884 XXXX XXXX

十分鐘後, tripsta 回覆已經退票且全額退款:

Dear Mr. Wu,

Thank you for contacting the tripsta Passenger Service Center.

Your booking F9467XXX has been cancelled and the amount of 12.626,86 TWD has been refunded to your credit card.

We would like to remind you that due to bank internal procedures, any corresponding amount may take 5-10 working days before appearing in your bank statement.

然後,我就高興地去另一家巴紐航空(PNG Air)買了一張新的機票,比退掉的這張便宜了兩千元




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